TOM "The Other Man"

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The mount is designed to be used with most Suction-Cup dildos.

T.O.M. main goal is to free up your hands. There are 4 rubber feet to help prevent sliding.

NO more using your Suction-Cup toys on the wall or floor, T.O.M. can be used on a bed, hardwood floors, tile floors, counter tops, tables, and anything else with a firm surface.

The downward movement, along with the angles that T.O.M. provides, helps T.O.M. maintain its position.  When used under normal to moderate use T.O.M. will not slide around. When in use, most people will also naturally wrap their feet around T.O.M. allowing them to use a more aggressive thrusting motion.

Dildos can be mounted at 30, 45, and 90 degree angles.

Measurements: 14L X 10.5W X 7.25H
T.O.M. sole purpose is to help you pleasure yourself in multiple
positions.  Whether you are having fun alone or with a partner, T.O.M.
helps you get the job done!

*Some Dildos/Dongs won't stick to T.O.M. As a good rule to follow, if it won't stick to a mirror, than it won't stick to T.O.M.

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