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TOM v2 "The Other Man"

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    Selena Ryan as "The Mandalorian Riding TOMv2"

    About the Product:

       TOM v2 has been designed with bigger and more durable feet.
       You can distinguish between TOM v2 and TOM by the color, feet, and the "V2" logo.

      *TOM v2 only comes in PURPLE

       Product Description:

       TOM v2 was designed to mount your adult suction toys in a variety of positions.
       No more using your Suction-Cup toys on the wall or floor, use TOM v2  to mount your toys.

       There are 4 rubber feet attached to HELP prevent TOM v2 from sliding too much.
       The downward movement, and angles helps TOM v2 maintain its' position. 
       They both help TOM v2 not slide around under normal to moderate use.

       Measurements: 14L X 10.5W X 7.25H

       *Some Dildos/Dongs won't stick to TOM v2, always use good quality suction toys.
       *Demo Videos

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    WAS "Weight Attachment System" for TOM v2

    About the Product:

    WAS is designed to work with TOM v2.  Using this attachment will allow more weight to be added to TOM v2.

    The "Weight Attachment" can be snapped in place to TOM v2 so that you can give your mount more weight.   

    Product Description:

      1. Add your weight to the inside of WAS.
      2. Align TOM v2 up with the WAS.
      3. Snap them together.
      4. Have fun!
      5. *When removing the WAS from TOMv2 be gentle so that the
          plastic pegs don't break off!

       Measurements: 10.3L X 10.5W X 2.5H

       Example weight: Add a "Bean Bag / Corn-hole Bag". 

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    *Although it’s not recommended, this attachment can also be used with the original TOM.

    *All orders completed from our site are shipped via Amazon.com Fulfillment Services.


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