Frequently asked questions about T.OM., “The Other Man”.

Is this product durable?
Yes it is made of Polypropylene, one of the most versatile polymers available with applications, both as a plastic and as a fibre, in virtually all of the plastics end-use markets. Some of the properties are:  Semi-rigid, translucent, good chemical resistance, tough, good fatigue resistance, integral hinge property, and good heat resistance.

What other products are made from Polypropylene?
Children toy bins, Transport boxes, Fuel tanks, Suitcases, Garbage bins, and Shaver.

What size “Suction-Cup Base” dildos can I use with it?
You can use most size dildos with it.  We have tested with average size dildos and even with the 13” John Holmes dildo.

What is the best way to clean T.O.M.?
Any common mild anti-bacteria soap.  Use with warm water for best results.

Will all suction dongs/dildos stick to T.O.M.?
Some Dildos/Dongs won't stick to TOM. As a good rule to follow, if it won't stick to a MIRROR, than it won't stick to TOM.

What are the measurements?
T.O.M. measures 14L X 10.5W X 7.25H