About Us

See A Need, Fill a Need!!   As adult video enthusiasts, we saw “creative” ways folks were mounting their suction-cup dildos.  All we could say to ourselves and each other was "There MUST be another way!!"  That is how TenderBeaver.com and T.O.M. (The Other Man) came into existence.
As the concept of T.O.M. continued to develop, other members of the TenderBeaver.com team (not so much the adult video enthusiasts) started envisioning uses and positions from their own fantasies and curiosities.
Thoughts expanded, inhibitions were thrown out the window.   That paved the way to the final product T.O.M. 
        Single use in private
        Single use to visually entertain your partner
        Multiple partner use
        Spice things up!  Re-invent!  Explore! 
        Simple, Durable, Highly Functional, Portable, Discreet
Be on the lookout for more products from TenderBeaver.com!!